Regulations to use a drone in France

France was one of the first countries to introduce, in 2012, a regulation recently supplemented by the relative law. A document summarizes the "good practices" in the field of drone piloting with the 10 principles to fly in compliance with this law of October 24, 2016, which imposes a fine of 15.000€, with 6 months of imprisonment when flying in some areas classified as "sensitive" (nuclear power stations, military zones, prisons, SEVESO factories or aerodromes).

Concerning the drones used for professional purposes, the pilot of the device must receive a practical training and obtain the certificate of theoretical aptitude, validated during an examination with the Directorate of the Safety of Civil Aviation.

Also, when piloting a drone you must follow this key rules, to make your fly over completely safe:

  • Do not fly over people. The propellers of the drone are dangerous they can hurt.
  • The maximum height to fly is 150 meters, even if your drone can fly up to 300 meters in height.
  • Never fly at night and always keeps your drone in sight.
  • Do not fly your drone over urban areas, like cities.
  • Do not pilot your drone near to airports or aerodromes, or any other space intended for aviation.
  • Do not overfly sensitive or protected sites (military bass, nuclear power plant, railway, etc.)
  • Respect the privacy of others. Do not flight near to other people windows or gardens.
  • It is forbidden to broadcast photographs or videos without the agreement of people appearing on it.
  • Be sure to have insurance. You will be inquired about it in any case of damage caused by our drone.

In case of doubt, visit the site of the Ministry of ecology and sustainable development.