Bus Drivers Regulation

1. The maximum duration of driving continuesly can’t be more than 4h30min during day time and 4 hours during the night time. Beyond a stop of 45mn must be respected, split possibly in two periods, the first one being then of 15mn and the second of 30mn.

2. The maximum duration of daily driving by the driver can’t be more than 9 hours. The duration of driving can be carried at maximum 10 hours twice a week and by driver.

3. Time of daily rest. The time of daily rest is of consecutive 11 hours. If the division of the rest is made in two periods it can go to 12 hours of which one will have 9 consecutive hours minimum.

4. The amplitude and its overtaking. The amplitude of the working day of a driver is the period included between the beginning and the end of its working day. This amplitude can achieve 12 hours all in all for a single driver. It can be sometimes exceptionally carried to 14 hours under extremely precise statutory conditions. Beyond 14 hours of amplitude and till 18 hours it is thus necessary to have a second driver.

5. The weakly rest. The rest is applicable after 6 consecutive working days in France as abroad. The duration of weakly rest must be equal at consecutive 45 hours in France and abroad. It is possible to take one every two one week a rest of 24 hours on the condition of catching up of the rest. The obligation of a rest of 45 hours has to be done at least once every 15 days.