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November 2018


La Commission régionale du Film Région SUD nous a invité à un beau voyage...
28th Nov 18
March 2018

Le Président Macron souhaite plus de Films Bollywood tournés en France

Lors de sa visite en Inde, le président français, a exprimé le souhait de...
13th Mar 18
December 2017

Queen Remakes in 4 south indian languages -> 80% shot in France

One of the most successful women-oriented movies in Bollywood, Queen did wonder at the box-office....
12th Dec 17
February 2017

État des lieux des échanges cinématographiques franco-indiens

17èmes Rencontres Art et Technique à l’écoute – Industrie du rêve – Pays invité :...
8th Feb 17
August 2016

Befikra – Shooting in Paris

At the beginning of the month of June, we received Sam Bombay‘s team in Paris,...
20th Aug 16
February 2016

Paris Images Trade Show Analyzes France’s New Tax Rebate Schemes

New 30% rates expected to lead to a major boost in production in 2016...
4th Feb 16
October 2014

Siddhartha – Shooting in Rhone-Alps

On this warm autumn we welcomed a big film Production from Kannada Cinema Industry....
17th Oct 14
August 2014

Tere Sheher Mein – Shooting in Paris

Star Plus, India’s leading General Entertainment Channel is set to launch Tere Sheher Mein,...
25th Aug 14
February 2011

Chemistry – Shooting in Paris

Writer-director Sai Kabir’s (Kangna Ranaut-starrer, ‘Revolver Rani’), with his directorial debut, ‘Chemistry’, has unfortunately...
17th Feb 11
October 2010

Asal – 24 days shooting in Paris & Rhone-Alps

ASAL, is a Kollywood action movie produced by Sivaji Productions, directed by Saran. Star...
30th Oct 10
August 2010

Engyem Kadhal – 27 days shooting across France

Engyem Kadhal (Love is everywhere) is a romantic comedy in tamil language directed by Prabhu...
19th Aug 10